Contributor to an anthology: Boy Moms

I am sooo excited to announce that my essay was selected for inclusion in the soon-to-be-released Boy Moms: Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons!

Kara Forney, founder of The Bump (the original mommy online resource The Bump!!!) and a mom of two boys, wanted to shed light on the modern-day Boy Mom experience. The result: a collection of essays written by moms that explores the truth of raising sons today - sons who may challenge preconceived notions, who teach you about love in a way you didn’t anticipate, and who unexpectedly change the way you see yourself. This is our book!

If you follow me on my personal blog, I'm so gung-ho about raising boys to become men who are gentle, kind, tender-hearted, no bullshit, no misogyny... basically, feminists! I’m excited to be part of this book that not only aims to show the joys and difficulties of raising our boys but to also change the way society sees our sons.
The book will be published by Finn-Phyllis Press and is slated for a Mother’s Day launch! I'll update you when the book is available. 


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