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Reviews of Not Invisible: A Memoir

It's been a few months since my book, Not Invisible: A Memoir came out, and I am so happy to say that the feedback is good! Yes, the book reviews are in! I'll share with you excerpts from reviews that a few bloggers shared with their readers. This really makes me so happy! BOOK REVIEWS: "First, it is well-written. It is like the writer is just talking to you and telling you her story from the heart. The language is real, the words are vivid. Second, it resonates. To me, being a mom of boys as well, a wife, and a daughter myself. I am sure it will strike a chord in anyone who reads this, too. I think dads can relate to her stories, too." Meikah Delid of Word Play at Midlife "Frances, through her book, gives you a picture of her life, which, in turn, makes you look back on your own journey. She un-romanticizes notions on motherhood and marriage, sharing imperfect days while teaching the readers to embrace these imperfect moments and factor them into personal growt

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