Boy Moms book out now!

Boy Moms is now out! It's a collection of honest essays from mothers of boys on how it's like to raise sons all women will be proud of. And I have an essay in it! 

My essay is about raising my sons the way we raise our daughters to be wives. I'm teaching them household chores, yes, but more than that, I'm making my boys aware of the mental load women bear and to share it. 

This anthology is a project of Kara Forney, the woman who founded, and edited by Elizabeth Lyons of Finn-Phyllis Press. So thrilled to be part of this Boy Moms anthology. Please grab a copy if you're a mom of boys or if you have boy-mom friends - perfect for Mother's Day! 

Boy Moms: Collective Takes of Mothers and Sons is available on Kindle and Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Visit for more details. Follow @boymomsbook and #BoyMomsBook on Instagram for excerpts from the essays. 


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