Manila Bulletin - Behind the Scenes: Ana Amigo Antonio

What I really like about being a writer is the constant discovery of fascinating people. There's not a lot that you can write about if you don't open your eyes and observe the world around you and understand human nature. Writing forces you to really look at life and the characters that people it, and then writing forces you to record what you see. That's the best thing about writing. In many ways, that's also the worst!

In my case, as a journalist, part of my job is interviewing media personalities, and I have always felt privileged to be able to talk one-on-one to such important and interesting people. They also almost always go out of their way to feed me. So another perk is I get to eat really good food!

The yummy cheese platter I talked about in my column.

In my Behind the Scenes column today, I feature Ana Amigo Antonio. I first met her when I was the editor of OK! magazine and she was launching Chocolate Clothing Co. Yes, she's the woman behind that fashion brand. I was so impressed with her beauty, poise, and grace. So when I came over to her house a few days ago and saw how she lived—simply but with lots of art!—I was inspired!

I did learn a helpful tip from her about managing my crazy life: Start the day with prayer. Ana says, "This act instantly creates balance." That's true. Everything does fall into place when you give your day to the Sovereign One!

You can find out more about Ana in today's Manila Bulletin. You can also read my column on Ana here.


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