Circuit: Iza Calzado in January 2013 issue

My first cover story for the year is on Iza Calzado for Circuit magazine. I'd like to thank its editor-in-chief JR Isaac for tapping me to write the cover story. I had just lost my beloved job as editor-in-chief of OK! Philippines and I was feeling lost. JR swooped in and reminded me of what I do best.

God bless you, JR! Thanks for lifting my spirits up and for giving me a really easy assignment, too.

Full disclosure: This was easy because Iza's my cousin. What was difficult was deciding what to put in the article and what to leave off the record! Still, it was a fun interview. We talk about making life changes, so timely this January! I hope you can get an issue. If not, you can read it here.

Circuit is free! Grab a copy at any of these dining and wining stations near you:


  1. Haven't ever seen a Circuit issue, Iza and your cover story would be the best reason to get my first one:) Dami mo writing gigs Ms. F!

    1. Circuit is only available at bars, restaurants =)


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