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More reviews of my book, Not Invisible

So thrilled that my book is getting good reviews! My author heart is happy. " Not Invisible is a good book to read for moms like me and for single ladies out there. This book is as real as it can get if you want to know what it’s like to be a mother, daughter, sister and wife during these times. It was well written and ang dami nating pwede matutunan." Fleur Sombrero of   Mommy Fleur "...her book, I love it!!!! I can finish it in one sitting, but I chose not to kasi gusto kong namnamin hahahaha. Not Invisible made me laugh and cry. Ang dami kong 'aha! oh yes! I know right!' moments." Levy Martinez of Mommy Levy "I laughed, cried, and felt encouraged while reading this. I can relate to Frances’ strong beliefs about staying single and child-free when she was younger, until she met her future husband Vince." Samantha Gail Lucas of Speak Out Sam Thank you all so much for your kind reviews of my book! God bless you! Not Invisible: A Memoir  by Frances

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