A bit of good news

I was a finalist in the Creative Non-Fiction Contest of Women on Writing! 

My essay "Gold Digger" didn't win the top prize. I haven't written creatively in so long and I was in a bad place last year, so I'm rusty. But, hey, my essay was a finalist! I was so happy when I got this email last month:

After doubting myself for more than a year, reading "your essay was excellent... scored high in the categories of subject, content and technical... beautifully written and a standout... you wrote an outstanding essay that resonated greatly... You should be proud of this accomplishment" blew me out of the water. I guess I'm glad I didn't win because if that was what they tell finalists, I think I'd have died with whatever they tell their winners!

But seriously, thank you, Women on Writing. I feel most encouraged. Validated.

I think it's time to write again. Maybe even win this time.

Anyway! If you want to join, they're accepting entries again! The contest is open internationally so send your essay before July 31! 

Join now!


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