Monday, January 28, 2013

Smart Parenting, January-February 2013: Getting rid of married dating guilt

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! If you and your husband are putting off a romantic date because you feel guilty about leaving the kids at home, then read my article in the January-February issue of Smart Parenting!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yahoo! Life of the Party: How to modernize your debut

I never had a debut. When I was 18, I had the great fortune of having friends who didn't like debuts either. We all thought those parties were ridiculous. So when Yahoo! assigned me this article, I had a the most fun time writing it because I could really relate to the topic.

Read my article here!

Writing about a subject that is familiar to you is the easiest thing in the world. So when applying to write for publications and websites, approach those that you actually read. This way, you wouldn't struggle so much. Writing wouldn't feel like work.

However, as your skill improves, don't be afraid to take on topics that are out of your realm of experience. In fact, doing this will expose you to new people, new places, new ideas. As a writer, you should never say no to anything that will open up your mind!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Housekeeping, January-February 2013: 50 dating ideas for married couples

I have an article in the January-February issue of Good Housekeeping Philippines. It's called "50 First Dates", and it was such a fun article to research and write.

It's always a thrill when my article makes it on the cover. Even if it's just a tiny mention like that!

Reading that deck now, methinks it needs editing. It doesn't read tight! Maybe this is better: "Married... and dating? Keep the romance alive with these fun and easy ways to date each other!" Will work on my decks in the future. Meanwhile, please grab a copy! Here's mine:

Good Housekeeping is available at all newsstands, magazine shops, bookstores and supermarkets.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm writing for Yahoo! SHE: Life of the Party!

I have a new writing gig and this one is so much fun to do!

Yahoo! SHE has a new baby and it's called Life of the Party. My first article, "5 Appetizers You Can Do in 10 Minutes (or Less!)", appears on the front page. That's always cool for a writer!

I'll be writing more about the good life on Yahoo! SHE: Life of the Party. Read my article here!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Circuit: Iza Calzado in January 2013 issue

My first cover story for the year is on Iza Calzado for Circuit magazine. This was easy because Iza's my cousin. 

What was difficult was deciding what to put in the article and what to leave off the record! Still, it was a fun interview. We talk about making life changes, so timely this January! I hope you can get an issue. If not, you can read it here.

Circuit is free! Grab a copy at any of these dining and wining stations near you:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Manila Bulletin - Behind the Scenes: Monica Eleazar Manzano

For this Friday's instalment of my Behind the Scenes column, I interviewed Monica Eleazar Manzano. I've known Monica for at least half a decade, when she was in the PR industry. Then she became a mom. Motherhood inspired her to create a career that made her available for her family. So she's now an entrepreneur, selling all-natural skincare products for babies and moms, and one of the partners and teachers in Beyond Yoga.
Monica on the AntiGravity Yoga sling.

Doing this interview meant a whole lot of catching up. I learned that Monica has since become a believer and practitioner of the yoga philosophy and of Kabbalah. She talked about crystals and Ayurvedic practices to cleanse the body and spirit.

As a Born-Again Christian, I do not share Monica's beliefs, but as a writer, my personal beliefs aren't important. My job is to tell her story and that means opening my mind to hers so that I can tell her story in the best possible way. Many times when we read a news piece, we see the author's thoughts. The tone can be disapproving, disdainful, preachy. This is called editorializing. This is something writers should avoid. Our responsibility is to relay the facts to the reader and not color it with our opinion.

Since it's my column, I actually can inject my opinion there. But the column is called "behind the scenes" for a reason. I'd rather let Monica shine!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Manila Bulletin - Behind the Scenes: Xeng Zulueta

As the writer, my job is really just to write. Overseeing the photo shoot isn't necessary. But I like going to the photo shoot because I get to observe my subject and interact with her and see little quirks (like a laugh, a frown, a tone of voice, a habit ) that I can add to my profile of her. This is very important when you're writing about a person. You have to make her real to the reader. Just stringing along someone's quotes—so standard now with email interviews—doesn't make her come alive in the reader's imagination. That's why you have to love the little details.

photo of Noel from @xengzulueta's Twitter
Sometimes, though, I can't go to the photo shoot. Or, in the case of Xeng Zulueta's shoot, I suddenly had to leave before she even arrived at the venue. In that case, I asked the photographer, Noel Pabalate, to tell me about Xeng. For example, I asked him if she was easy to work with. ("Yes.") Things like that.

From @Heimastore's Instagram. Xeng's shoot looked fun!
However, if you compare this profile with my previous columns, there is definitely a difference. I described the warmth of Ana Antonio's home and her grace as a host. I described how Patty Laurel almost dances when she talks about her husband. Small details, one-liners but they breathe life to the subject. I wished I had been at Xeng's shoot!

It's still a good column, though! I got Xeng to talk about the biggest thing in beauty this 2013. I'm excited to try it out! Grab today's Manila Bulletin to find out what it is or read here.