Friday, March 1, 2013

Yahoo! Life of the Party: Kapitolyo restos for every budget

Actually, that wasn't the topic. My assignment was to write about the most highly recommended restaurants in Kapitolyo and to group them according to what they're best for (i.e. date place, barkada night, family dinner, etc). So I did a poll and interviewed people and I came up with a pretty good list. Top of that list? Poco Deli and Rub Ribs.

This is the article that came out:
Lower right hand corner please! 

It became a budget-guide piece.

It's okay. It's tighter. I just feel bad about all the interviews I did and the wonderful things they said about the menu of this, the taste of that. Oh well. This always happens to articles! That's why when I used to be an editor and I asked writing samples from applicants, I never asked for their published work. Most of the time, what comes out in print is not the original piece. A writing exercise then and there is usually the best gauge of anyone's writing skill!

Ya, I'm cruel that way haha!

Enjoy my Kapitolyo restaurant guide here. Now you know where to go and what to eat this weekend!

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